Adam Jesionkiewicz – designer, visionary and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. Obsessively interested in how new technologies influence human relationships and the development of civilization – with special emphasis on how can they help those who counteract social exclusion and suffer from disabilities.

CEO and Founder of Ifinity – a leader in the microlocalization industry that brings a digital context to reality. This is one of the first companies in this sector in the world, which actively shapes the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). Selected by Cisco, Intel and DeutcheTelekom from hundreds of companies for the innovative high-tech accelerator ChallengeUp.

Achievements and awards:

  • Selected as a leading innovator in CEE Europe by Google, Financial Times and Respublica (NewEurope100).
  • Appointed by President to work on creating the Warsaw 2030 strategy
  • Awarded with his company as the Most Innovative startup (by Newsweek, the Ministry of Economy and PwC).
  • CEO of the company operating on global market – carries out projects all around the world
  • The City of Warsaw was awarded for The Project Virtual Warsaw with a prestigious prize in the Bloomberg Mayor Challenge which he co-created.
  • Founding member of the Alliance for the Internet of Things Innovation initiative at the European Commission.
  • Invited, on behalf of US President office, to take part in the SelectUSA program, which aims to open the United States for investors and innovators from all around the world
  • Frequent participant of foreign economic missions carried out by Polish Goverment (eg. US Chamber of Commerce in Washington)
  • Speaker at various of conferences (including TEDx) and mentor to Polish startup community.
  • Member of Advisory Board of Startup Poland Foundation.


Startup Management and Politics · Internet · Technology · IoT · Smart Cities · Software & Hardware Development · Design · AI · Virtual Reality

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